Amsterdam to build another 10,500 homes for students, young people

Hard hat. (Photo: Habib M’henni / Wikimedia Commons)

Hard hat. (Photo: Habib M’henni / Wikimedia Commons)

By 2022, another 10,500 homes and rooms will be built in Amsterdam and the surrounding area for students and young people – 9,000 in Amsterdam and 1,500 in the surrounding municipalities, the city of Amsterdam announced.

There are still too many young people, according to the Amsterdam municipality, who fall victim to the housing market shortage and the resulting high prices. “It is very necessary to build more affordable housing for young people and students”, said Laurens Ivens, Amsterdam alderman for Housing. “They are now increasingly forced to stay at home or search for an affordable home for a long time, while they should actually have time to build their lives in Amsterdam.”

Housing corporations and developers will build the new homes. It includes both fully equipped homes and shared-equipped homes and rooms. The municipality’s most important demand is for rents to be affordable. Where the municipality of Amsterdam is the landowner, the maximum rent for young people between the ages of 18 and 23 will be EUR 424 per month, and EUR 607 per month for young people aged 23 to 28.

In addition, Amsterdam will pay extra attention to acceptable and affordable service charges. The municipality will discuss an acceptable amount and transparency of these costs with developers.

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