‘I Felt Desperate’: Model on Being a Trump Supporter in US Fashion Industry

Elizabeth Pipko, a Jewish-rooted US model, had to hide her managers’ decision to volunteer Trump’s campaign at Trump Tower.

Elizabeth, who came out last month as a supporter of Donald Trump, spoke again in today’s divided American society about the dangers of thinking differently.

“I believe my support for Donald Trump has affected by entire life,” she admits that the fashion world and Hollywood are the same because those who endorse the president can be ostracized.

The 23-year-old model appeared in an interview with the Daily Caller, in which she gave an iconic red hat with the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Elizabeth, who worked with the magazine Maxim, Esquire and DT, volunteered in 2016 for Donald Trump. Looking back at the campaign, she reminds his opponents that the then Republican candidate was “obsessed” and “laughing.”

“No one thought that he was going to win. And because he proved them all wrong, they became obsessed with tearing him down,” she says. “And now they are just obsessed with bringing him down and proving that everyone who voted for him is terrible, and everywhere you look, everything you read, everything you see is against President Trump.”

This anti-Trump sentiment has risen in the world of modeling, Elizabeth argues, who is no stranger to this industry’s inner workings.

In her words, meetings with managers, agents and even photographers would begin by asking her to take over the president – and then ripping into his persona, staff and supporters.

“I felt desperate at first,” Elizabeth admits, “and then I felt even worse because I felt like I’d let people step all over me, step all over my country and my president.”

“And all I wanted to do is to tell them they were wrong and explain to them why they should support our president and be appreciative.”

She was under immense pressure at first, the model says, because she felt unable to confront people who belittled what she valued. She would only express her support for Trump around her family and friends -and she would do much to hide the fact that she was volunteering for the Trump campaign.

Elizabeth is concerned about the one – way street becoming American politics.

“I don’t feel that it’s O.K. to be allowed to share your views against the president but not for him. We should be a country that celebrates our president, whether you believe his policies or not,” she concluded.

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