Jordan Dunn died after plunging into Amsterdam canal while on MDMA

A SOUTHAMPTON man died when, after taking the drug MDMA, he plunged into a canal in Amsterdam, an inquest has heard.

Jordan Dunn and his brother Anthony were on vacation in the Netherlands but fell under the water in the early hours of August 19.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard the 23-year-old, of MacArthur Crescent, Bitterne, died in a Dutch hospital two days later due to the irreversible brain damage he suffered.

The inquest was told police were called after Mr Dunn was seen behaving “strangely” after separating from his brother and joining a stag party, before getting into the canal.

The effects of MDMA, otherwise known as ecstasy, were one of the reasons suggested for this by senior coroner Grahame Short.

The inquiry heard that Mr Dunn was about six to seven minutes under the water before being rescued.

He was rushed to Amsterdam’s VU University Medical Center, but he was unable to be saved by doctors.

Because of the time spent in hospital and the return of Mr Dunn’s body to the UK, pathologist Dr. Victoria Elliot was unable to determine exactly how much alcohol or drugs he had consumed, but she confirmed that he had taken MDMA and cannabis.

Coroner Mr Short, recording a death conclusion due to misadventure, said: “I believe the clue for his motive [for entering the water] is likely to be the MDMA, which can make people feel hot.”

Mr Short added that his behaviour suggested he “wasn’t really totally aware of his surroundings”.

During the inquest, Mr Dunn’s family displayed a large photo of him, while his aunt Lesley Dunn described him as being like a son before she walked out halfway through the inquest.

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